Rotate PDF permanently, online, for free

This service enables you to rotate PDF documents permanently, free of charge.

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How to rotate a PDF file permanently?

All you need to do is select the PDF document you want to rotate on your computer, select the rotation angle and click a button.

Your PDF is safe with us: it never leaves your browser! The rotation is performed by your own device.

This service is free of charge. We would really appreciate a donation to help us pay for the server costs.
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Why you need to rotate your PDF

Document scanned upside-down

PDF files are often created by scanners. Place your sheet of paper in the device, enter your email address, press a button. A minute later, a PDF is waiting for you in your mailbox.

Everything is fine, until you open the PDF and realize it is upside down. You instantly understand why: you must have placed the sheet the wrong way.

You just cannot ignore this issue. Your PDF is almost unusable. And it is out of question to send it to anyone.

A solution is to scan it again. This is easy, but it takes at least a few minutes. A much better solution is to actually rotate the PDF. After all, a rotation is all it takes to make it perfect.

This is exactly what you achieve with Once you submit your PDF, it is rotated instantly. Problem solved in seconds, not minutes.

PDF made of photos

Because smartphones constantly need to deal with orientation, photos are regularly sideway. Therefore, if you integrate them as they are in a PDF document, the problem lasts.

Your PDF clearly needs to be fixed. And the solution is obvious: rotate your PDF. makes this task simple and convenient. It simply rotates the PDF file you give it.