2015/02/25 - Mobile ready is now mobile ready! You can use it with your PC or smartphone.

2011/05/07 - Now with ads

The site receives donations, but not so much. Thank you to the few of you who donate, that's appreciated, really. But donation don't cover the server costs. So let's go with the ads.

2010/07/17 - Donation page added

Few users reported that they were confused by the Paypal donation page. A donation page was thus added to let choose between Paypal and AlertPay.

2010/07/11 - Download page and Ajax

Before, when you clicked the "Rotate PDF" button, the whole process happened in the background and a popup finally appeared to view or download the result document (depending of your browser). That was not pretty.

A download page has been added to make all this good looking. It appears once the original document has been uploaded. Then, an Ajax request takes place so that the page can display a spinner while the document is rotated.

2010/06/23 - Donate button

Yep, there is a Donate button on the homepage. The service is free of charge, and even if the server costs are light, they exist for real. If you want to support us, your help will be very appreciated. Up to you!

2010/06/20 - Let's tweet!

Want to know what's happening on Follow us on Twitter!

2010/06/16 - Form style slightly changed

There was wasted space in the form. That could require users to scroll down to see the "Rotate PDF" button.

2010/06/16 - PDF size limit indicated in the home page

PDF size is limited to 10MB. Until now, you had to upload a file to discover that it was too huge... Not very user-friendly. This is now fixed: you can see that right in the front page, before you try to waste time uploading a too big PDF.

2010/06/12 - News page added

This page was definitely missing.

2010/05/30 - Upload size limit changed to 10MB

The previous upload limit was set to 2MB. That was way too limited. 10MB gives more freedom. If you feel this is still too low, please let us know!

2010/05/07 - is online!

A new service was born!